if you want to make some money then read this

FeaturePoints is an application that you download on your iphone/ipad or android device and use it to test applications, this way you earn points that you can later exchange for paid apps, giftcards or money.
how to sign up: go to featurepoints.com on your iphone or android and if you want to get 50 bonus points use this link featu.re/8F42M8 when you sign up OR you can use my referral code 8F42M8 if you don’t use the link (please don’t forget to use my referral code so i get points too x)
what you can exchange points for: itunes giftcards, amazon giftcards, paid apps, paypal.
!!! it’s safe
 and the only information you’re required to enter is your working e-mail address.

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